The Reading Room

After two months of reduced Summer work hours, I am back into my job with avengence. And every dream I’ve had since has been about websites and portals.

In honour of my re-energised professional life, and as I wait for Aer Lingus to start booking flights from Boston to England, I took the empty useless second bedroom in this house and turned it into a reading room for myself.

It has a large new area rug, and a new oversized reclining chair.

I then filled it with bookshelves and my books.

And assembled an electric faux fireplace with mantel.

The room is interesting and cozy with an inviting calm like a soft blanket. Only a week in the making, my new reading room has become one my favourite spots.

There are few more touches on their way, and I have more shelves needed and more books to figure out where to put … but it doesn’t take away from the fact that I finally have a library … a life-long wish.

It was worth the wait. As I tell myself … Time and place. Time and place.

Happy Sunday.

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