Chips Ahoy

Time to get back on the road. Tomorrow I am in Washington D.C. for work. Wednesday I travel up and over the Blue Ridge Mountains to spend Thanksgiving with my Mum and Brother Fred and Nephew D-Man.

To that, our Irish Twin brother will once again command my parents’ kitchen this year. An executive chef where he lives, rumour has it he’s bringing his finest spices and knives for a Thursday feast fit for goddesses and kings.

If the weather cooperates I will take a day trip up to my hush-hush place about 40 minutes from my parents house. It is an abandoned grassy pasture cresting the top of a mountain with views stretching over three states.

Irish Twin and I found it on a hike when our parents first moved to that area, I always find time to sneak in a visit. There’s something about the solitude. Something about the wind in my ears. Something about not speaking. Up there I am an ant in this universe observing the quilted patchwork world below.

What a lovely spot. I have a similar one on the Inishowen Peninsula in Ireland, right up Mamore Gap. Both places can get rather chilly this time of year. Note to self, bring a hat.

Then the following week I shall walk in three countries and four aeroports to rest my head in and around North Somerset. A two hour drive west of London, I am happily there ’til mid December. My laptop will accompany me, which means a solid balance of work and play for me in the English countryside.

I enjoy this story. It suits me well.

So today is a relaxing day at the poor wee cottage. I’ll do a light tidy; allow the washer and dryer to do their thing. Perhaps catch a few NFL games from the comfort of my sofa under a comfy blanket?

At some point I should factor food into my plans…

Or, even better, maybe my eyes will close long enough to continue last night’s dream, which had me directing William Zabka and Elisabeth Shue in a hospital episode from The Karate Kid spinoff Cobra Kai.

Crazy, right?

Not just one scene, I dreamt an entire episode with those two actors.

I have no idea where my brain mustered that one from. I mean, I’ve watched Cobra Kai. I find its premise and execution top notch, and Billy Zabka refreshing. I know they’re trying to get Lisa Shue for Season 3 or 4.

Ah, the elusiveness that is my subconscious.

I must have run across something about the 2020 season in an internet rabbit hole, otherwise that dream makes as much sense as Pete Davidson.

Also, what the hell is a software engineer doing directing a tv show?

Image result for airplane 2 william shatner
Bobby pin?

Seriously though, if that dream is any indicator of how our minds will work when we get chip implants, then I’m all in. Shue and Zabka have some kind of chemistry.

Happy Sunday.

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