Day 18

My neighbour was laid off yesterday morning. She went to work. HR rang. She was done by 10:30. I had little to say except ‘sorry’ and lend an ear.


So as the sun set, we each sat on our respective chairs, on our respective properties, and drank and bullshitted it up for at least 2 hours through the wired fence that separates our backyards. She with her Coors and me with my Pinot.

A very real person with thick skin and honest stories, I was happy to chat and listen. She’s a cool cat. I wish her well.

Last night was a series of new norms for conversing. Thankfully I managed to avoid a headache this morning.

Day 18.

I’ve rediscovered the People of Walmart website. O. M. G. Today was a two hour rabbit hole clicking through the most incredible looking people shopping at Walmart. And I couldn’t stop clicking. Around page 20, I had to force myself out of the burrow.

If all those images of customers in Walmart are real … Good grief Charlie Brown. It feels like every photograph on that site was snapped in Reno. Which means with a little research I will finally have a legit reason to never visit Reno.

I make no apologies for my time right now. It’s either looking with wonder at bizarre people shopping in America, or reading how we need to achieve 60% herd immunity to safely eradicate this lockdown.

This weekend I’ll choose the former because I cannot mentally wrap my head around the latter.

Hang in there.

Happy Saturday.

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