Day 3 and 4: Road Trip Zen

Yesterday I passed a green sign on Interstate 20 West to Mississippi that read Exit 77, Buttermilk Road.

Buttermilk Road. Doesn’t that carry a ring something lovely?

As I passed the sign, I sighed and thought: I bet nothing bad ever happens on Buttermilk Road. And I meant that with all of my heart.

A far cry from Day Two’s construction driving stress, Day Three was four hours of being at peace and at ease … with the drive and with myself.

I was happy where I had just been. I was happy to be going where I was going. I was happy about the future. I was happy about the present. And in case I forgot to mention it … I was just plain ole happy.

I was so happy that had I been pulled over for speeding or whatever, even being issued a ticket by Johnny Law couldn’t remove the smile from my face.

How’s that for Road Trip Zen?

I know, right?

Day Four and I am on my last day visiting with one of my oldest best friends Ang and her husband and son. Monday has me back on the road trail for another solo night in another new town. Then Tuesday I’m in and around Tennessee to spend time with my other best friend from our secondary school days in Greece, Kathy.

Add my chats with Monti these past couple of nights, and it is turning out to be a Greek-themed week. Who knew?

I don’t know what was in the water in Greece when we were growing up. But whatever it was, it made some of the nicest people I know … who, surprisingly, like me just as much I like them.

Today was a visit through a National Park in Mississippi, and a hike around an actual swamp in alligator territory. I’ve never been in a wild place that has alligators. We didn’t encounter one, but a sign reminded us not to get too cocky.

Cyrus Tree in a Swamp
Pearl River

Next up a quick siesta before we head out for a dinner on the town. I’m so glad I made this trip. It’s been a gift for this soul.

Happy Sunday.

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