Dreams and Reality

I had a full night’s dream (or so it seemed) driving country roads, checking into two hotels, getting lost in lobbies, walking around rehearsing acrobats, and generally being put off by the quality of room service.

I woke up feeling saturated, like I had been away for a weeks.

Any dream analysts out there want to take that one on, I’m game. Send me a comment.

Today is a distracted day.

First of all, the rental sign for the house next door is gone. Which means I’m going to have new neighbours. Given that the people who manage the property are still managing it, the chance of them replacing the previous meth head trash moron couple with a new meth head trash moron couple is 50-50.

It’s been three weeks of bliss with that place empty, after a year of daily stress. No trash in yard. No dog to clean up after. No law enforcement camped across the street. No invading personal space. No drunk driving and questionable people in and out. It’s incredible how two people can take a calm small-town neighbourhood street and turn it into a low class piece of garbage. They left behind a grocery cart for chrissakes.

I hope it all works out but I’m not looking forward to this new development. So much so, I started looking around online for other places that would be more suited to my life. Right now, a tiny house on a grassy hill up in the mountains sounds lovely … at least until it snows.

Unfortunately, I have to wait until I begin my job before I can make any real decisions … which leads me to my next distraction: Mentally preparing for new job. It’s not daunting, but it’s a lot and I’m ready to get it going. It’s taking everything I have not to volunteer my time and get a couple of my ducks in order. But it needs to wait until official. That being said, I’ve talked to my boss three times today.

Maybe to take my mind off, I should spend the afternoon exploring side streets and back roads … oh wait, didn’t I already do that today?

Happy Thursday.

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