Tennis Anyone?

Curses! Due to my TV situation (meaning I purposely have not had cable for over four years), I am missing the Federer v Nadal match on clay at Roland Garros. Nadal’s the expert on that surface for sure … but man it would have been fun to watch. As of now, Feds is down two sets.

With the French Open almost done, it means Wimbledon is next. Finally, something to look forward to.

And the Belmont is running this Saturday. Based on my lack of knowledge about horses, I’m going with Lucky Number 7, Sir Winston. This didn’t go so well at the Kentucky Derby when my Lucky 7 won then was, first time ever, disqualified. But since there is no Lucky 13, Number 7 it is.

I’ve a seemingly calm weekend ahead of me. That being said, I need to clean this place up. The clothes I am donating are still in a pile. My empty suitcase from my last trip is not put away. I desperately need to do recycling. The bathroom counter is cluttered … just little things that add up to an untidy mess in. I think it’s freeing not to mind, but I don’t want to be a slob.

Otherwise, I plan to hop over to the museum and check out the new exhibit, and maybe scout out an Indian restaurant this weekend. I could so go for saag paneer. Until then, it’s another cuppa and a check in with the French Open.

Happy Friday.

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