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Leave it to Vogue to not only publish “must haves” for upcoming fashion seasons, but also offer an astrological leg up on my day:

Here’s something to think about, Aquarius: What would you do if you found yourself stuck in an empty room with no way out? Would you resist the discomfort or listen to what the barren walls are whispering to you? Remember, there’s no escaping the emptiness that is resurfacing at the moment. So, retreat into your sacred space, light a candle and listen to what the void has to say. It is by confronting the inner darkness that you will be able to open the doorway to light again. Cosmic tip: It is only by looking inwards that you will find a way out.

Vogue Magazine, 3 July 2022

It would be so cool if horoscopes carried real life weight. But, unfortunately, not any one horoscope ever matches another.

So I do what I’d like to think most of us do. I pick a “reading” that agrees with me best, at the exact moment I stumble upon it.

Today’s chart is backing up at least 1/2 of the decision I made this morning about the rest of my day.

Which is:

To stay inside and watch every theatrical trailer I can find on YouTube.

To ring Marty in London at my time 4pm. So we can drink wine ’til it’s 11pm there. When Marty has to hit the pillow for work tomorrow, and I don’t.

To then go back to my movie trailer quest on YouTube. And because it’s going to be only 6ish pm here, I’m going to continue with any vino left over from previous said chat.

If I may brag, this reads like a holistically- solid astrologically-sound mystical plan to me.

Thanks to Vogue, and the stars.

Happy Sunday.

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