Finnegan Begin Again

My dream job?

Why, Travel Writer, of course. Working for a fine arts museum on a six month assignment living on a small yacht on a waveless body of water.

Unfortunately, there never seems to be a vacancy …

I’m having an odd day.

Not a bad day. Not a good day. But a day that seems to be without purpose. Maybe odd is the wrong word. Perhaps it’s more like a Limbo day. Yes, that seems more appropriate.

Not ready for my job, that’s July. Not time for my road trip, that’s two weeks off. A minor player in my brothers’ lives. A front porch distraction for my neighbours.

It’s all first world problems I know, but this Limbo has me metaphorically halting in the middle of every room I am in, wondering if I should turn around or be still until the time comes to go. This leaves me with plenty of potential but accomplishing little and creating even less.

I know what this is … It’s me, Finnegan, again. Waiting to begin again, again.

I need to take myself out of here, go for a spin, if only for a few hours. Stop being the unmoved car parked in the same spot behind the back of the house. Stop checking my email. Disconnect from listening about people living their lives and make a few stories of my own.

Yes. That’s it. Get up and go Finn. Explore and appreciate these days. Tip your hat to the sun and the moon. And come back when you’ve something interesting to say.

Happy Wednesday.

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