Happy Monday

I slept late this morning.

I was stuck in dreams of my Mum losing her mind. My Dad with slicked back black hair. My brothers playing in a band in a studio. My brother Paul, who doesn’t smoke, smoking Marlboro reds. Walking around a carnival wearing my orange backpack. Sitting with Sonny talking about Paul smoking. Being topless, losing my shirt and shoes …

My subconscious was all over the place.

I am nothing if not well rested for sure. But it’s terribly embarrassing to reconcile the current time with what I’ve not achieved today.

Last night’s dinner you ask? Olives, radishes, cucumbers, salmon, red onions, tomatoes, topped with feta and drizzled with a good Spanish olive oil. Also know as my Greek/Norwegian salad extraordinaire.

I will say this. I physically feel lovely. This must mean my cheat carb meal from two weeks ago has been forgiven. I’ll tell ya … going off food made with flour for a long period of time, then having an entire meal of ingredients primarily made of flour? WOW, that hurts. All over.

It’s like a hangover that lasts for five days. And as tasty as the low mein was, the following days made it not worth it. Even my toes and fingers stayed puffy. Gross.

A taste here and there is okay as not to be a rude dinner companion. That being said, I’m perfectly content with my no flour life. Not to mention I am pleased with how it shows around my frame.

However, I refuse to be THAT person. I’d never insist a host cook a meal for me – no way – and I don’t bring up my food choices either. It’s not like being vegan or having a hospital-inducing allergy where it’s an out and out no no. A bite won’t hurt. I’m not here to call attention to my plate.

Also, it’s not appropriate dinner conversation to talk about food you prefer not to eat in front of people who are enjoying a meal made up of the things that you reject. Besides, there are so many other topics to explore over a table.

Make meals with family and friends special. Don’t make it about you.

Up next. I’m heading out on Thursday.

My end of June/beginning of July has finally found its shape:

  • Day 1 – Driving 4.5 drive before stopping overnight at a nice hotel
  • Day 2 – Driving 6 hours before stopping overnight at a nice hotel
  • Day 3-5 – Driving 5 hours, staying with Angie and family
  • Day 6 – Unknown
  • Day 7-9 – Driving 6 hours, staying with Kathy and family
  • Day 10 – Driving 6 hours, staying with my Mum and visiting my Brother Fred and Nephew D-Man
  • Day 11 – Driving 3 hours, heading home with D-Man so he can work the week with Paul

According to Google Maps, it will be a 1,960 miles, over mountains and through lush foot hills, made even greener by all the rain we’ve had this year.

I bet I can get that count over 2,000.

Happy Monday.

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