Road Trip 2019, Number 3

I am booked and ready for my holiday, which begins tomorrow.*

*For privacy and protection, a few of my locations on the map have been adjusted to be a town over or so. However, the general route is intact.

I made it so my drive time between destinations is only 3-6 hours (6 is my max when on holiday). And my lodgings are either at a hotel and or with friends. This puts me at three residences and three hotels in six cities in ten days, just under 2,000 miles. It all sounds rather civilised, wouldn’t you agree?

Bonus, using my online membership, the hotels I selected came with incredible weekday deals, including the 5 star I booked on Day Two, which was basically nothing after redeeming points.

So I will being enjoying fine accommodations whilst also being financially responsible on a freelancer’s budget. My parents would be so proud. Love ’em.

My road trip theme is quite simple: Relax, be comfortable, and be present with my dear friends as they share their stories, families and homes. I have beautiful friends, they make it easy.

In between, it’s hair up, sunroof opened, tunes turned up, and me and my little Audi participating in a world outside the parameters of this poor wee cottage.

It’s what is generally referred to in literature as the freedom of the road.

As Jack Kerouac famously wrote: Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.

Kerouac also wrote: I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion. Which also applies. But I digress.

In case it was missed, that was meant to be funny.

Also, I need to create some distance from me as I continue to wait on word about a start date for my new job. It was supposed to be 8 July, but no official confirmation has been given. We shall see … I may have to resort to Plan B, which is to find something else, which I do not want to do …

BUT, that line of thinking can wait until I get back, or, at the very least, when I am on the final leg of my trip.

No black out, I’ll be back here tomorrow afternoon with Day One of Road Trip 2019, Number 3.

Happy Wednesday.

Oh, in the event she pops over to this blog, a very Happy Birthday to one of my Core 5, Rinna. I hope your Canadian island is treating you well on your day!

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