Lights Back On

I did a redesign of this website which forced this site ‘to go dark’ for a few days.

In doing so, I had to:

  • a) Password protect everything. Which I loathed to do. I appreciate the anonymity of online reading, and here I was creating an opposing policy.

This then made me:

  • b) Shut down the site until I could find a proper solution.

In the process, I realised how much I look forward to writing and publishing my blogs on an almost daily basis. Additionally, it also made me realise that I cannot mind who or what reads what I post.

My blog topics are meant to facilitate my quest to ‘write the perfect sentence’ and are not for any other purpose. That being a motivating factor, I believe I struck an acceptable balance with my online presence, and now, hopefully, can return this website to an open source.

So tomorrow I’m thrilled to get back to blogging about March Madness Brackets and the UK’s Brexit. Who knows? I never do until I put hands to laptop …

I’ll readily admit that I have missed the daily routine.

Campfire tales are expected to be told under starry nights. Mine are meant to be written here.

Happy Wednesday.

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