I’m freelancing these days, which means I’m opted to go conservative with my purchases to ensure my cushion is safe and sound. So the things I’d normally buy without much thought, I’m pausing to consider need over necessity.

Not a big spender by nature, I have three exceptions where I rarely bat an eye:

  1. Franciacorta
  2. Antique books
  3. Travel

Fine wine and used books I can reason away, but oh am I having to sit on my hands to stop from buying a ticket to either Galway or the Bay Area. East or West, it doesn’t matter. And if it stops snowing, Quebec it’s been awhile.

The wanderlust is strong in this one.

So, I threw clothes in my rucksack, fueled up the car and went on what I call a ‘left right left right’ adventure. It’s where you let the road lead you.

Four hours later I ended up on Gwynn’s Island:

Once there I dipped my toes in the freezing ocean, my head went to my cousins in Inishowen … I wondered if Beth and Declan were going out to The Glen that night. I sighed and walked away from the shore line. Going home to Ireland will have to wait this year, no point entertaining that thought process. Then I almost crushed a nearly washed out sand castle on my way back up to the road. I wondered who made it? Then I took a ten minute tour of the local museum.

You can drive the island in no time, so I swung back inland where I found a small neighbourhood town with aesthetic accommodations and curb-side restaurants. I stayed two nights. During the day I explored the side roads. In the evening I ventured out for food. Along the way I met a captain, his wife, a retired elevator inspector and former lounge singer.

I know, right? It sounds like the beginning of joke …

I didn’t used to but I now enjoy going out and meeting people. I believe the ability to have a good conversation is an art form not to be taken lightly. When done well the entire party leaves energised by new souls and more informed than when they walked in … not to mention it’s wild to experience who Fate pairs you with.

The inspector and singer, an older couple from New Jersey, were seated at the next table over. They were in the area for a wedding and decided to stay ’til the end of the weekend. On the second night I dined at a cozy pub and met the sea captain and his wife, who were attending a navel banquet and had seven children.

Both couples were lovely, and I thoroughly enjoyed their stories. I mean … an old elevator inspector from New Jersey? A lounge singer? Seven kids? Simply gold. I probably asked way too many questions, but who cares.

In my short excursion, I found a pleasant spot on the pretty Atlantic visited by charming tourists. It was a positive distraction, and a solid decision to get away for a few days.

Only, since I’ve been back … Is it the universe or just me hearing the Pacific Coast Highway whispering: Portland. Let’s keep it weird ?

I am in no way complaining, but I am finding it a challenge to now sit on my hands AND cover my ears at the same time.

Happy Thursday.

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