Name Dropping

San Fran Bay french roasted coffee – cup two.

Checking my Instagram feed – filled with tiny houses and people kneading dough.

Collecting gold crowns as I glide through my Duolingo French lessons.

Audible Wind in the Willows, read by Andrew Wincott, as my background ‘music’.

Periodically filling my Burpee online cart with colourful wildflower seeds.

Keeping an eye on Twitter to stay aware of where the protests are today.

Texting it up on WhatsApp.

Chilling a bottle of Caves De L’Angevine Rosé d’Anjou for this evening’s sipping pleasure.

About to fry up a few pieces Oscar Meyer centre cut bacon.

Soon thereafter it will be a coolish shower with my new Herbal Essence Blue Ginger and Micellar Water shampoo, to then don a loose linen dress and let the warm Summer air naturally dry my hair.

Ceiling fans on as the front and back doors are open to the Robins and European Starlings peaking at the grass as the squirrels munch on whirly birds.

This. Is. Saturday.

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