Tickle Your Thursday

Time to laugh … with one of my favourite stand-ups: She’s 23. From Vancouver. Perfectly kooky. Witty. Bright. Charming. And infectious on podcasts.

Oh, and she’s also a witch (see, just the right about of kwazy). No matter. I’d so have her over for dinner, then throw in a few questions about the waning Moon.

It’s Maddy Kelly … talking about why Social Media Sucks (contains f-bombs, but not on the scale of Boston or Irish).

Hang in there! I’ll be back later.

Oh, before I forget. Here’s my own funny:

I was standing on my front porch two days ago when three bicyclists rode by. And as they passed, each seemed to look over in my direction. Without worth of a lie, I had a 2.3 second panicked moment that I had walked outside without any pants on.

In case there’s any doubt. That was Day 70.

Happy Thursday.

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