1st World Plans

It’s a beautiful sunny clear blue sky winter no-work morning here on the East Coast of these United States … and I don’t care because I’m missing my pillows in Somerset.

I know, right?

The problem with first world problems is that, by their very essence, they are still problems, and problems suck. So Boo! to me.

Instead of whining and feeling sad for myself because I’m not in England, I’m going to binge watch Nate Bargatze …

Until I can’t find any more videos.

Nate’s always good for a smile. Three Names is a great bit, told with true Tennessee charm.

Then I think I’ll go for a walk along the mighty river, if the water levels permit, and take in some of the fresh air that those 50 mph winds gusts brought in yesterday.

Yes. That sounds like a plan.

Happy Saturday.

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