Road Blocks

I have the occasional moment of self crisis about the things I’ve written. I don’t use real names and I’m not into slander. I explore singlar thoughts about minor things. In between I throw in actual feelings but refrain from using too many details to protect me and my subject. Yet I wonder if I share too much.

Those moments of topic possessiveness are real blockers. That was my yesterday, stuck in a time and space, stymied by a website. It’s also been that way today. Eesh.

And there’s plenty to say too. The last 24 hours has been about information:

  • My brother Joe sent word that he and his wife are taking a US job in the Balkans and would be gone for 3-5 years. We thought they were back to stay.
  • My start date for my new job could be delayed for another month, pending contractual things beyond me. The job’s there – just all the chess pieces are out of place.
  • JB’s going to be in Europe and Asia until June, leaving tonight.
  • I had a carb meal for dinner yesterday. First time in a very long time and today even my eyeballs feel cloudy. Note to self: Don’t do that again.
  • I’m still processing my friend’s Sunday text message. Whilst I appreciate his honesty about wanting to stifle his growing feelings for me, I kind of wish he wouldn’t have made me a part of his dilemma and ultimate choice at all. I was rather happy to be in a clueless platonic friendship where I didn’t know attraction was even an option.
  • On the entertainment front. YouTube’s Karate Kid Cobra Kai series is very very good. The writing is masterful. And the actor who plays the troubled Johnny is fantastic. Check it out here.

Until I can get out of my own way … Happy Thursday.

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