Tooken ah Brake

Post trip back from England, and I am finally breaking my unscheduled hiatus from blogging.

I know not why, but these past few weeks in this poor wee cottage have seen me with zero ambition to publish into ‘law’ anything about the Universe.

Oh, not to misrepresent myself, I’ve plenty to say for sure … just not enough to meet the standards of what I consider insightful or humourous or worthy subject matter material.

And it has ABSOLUTELY passed through my mind not a few times that perhaps I have been broken by the sheer abundance of relaxing calm joy I experienced in the west country of Her Majesty’s Kingdom.

So often have I entertained this notion that I have now decided that the only way to mend me is to send me back.

So I am.

In about 5 weeks.

For about another 22 days.

In the meantime, my weekend ‘to do as little as possible list‘ is moving along at a powerful snail’s pace, which is suiting my mindset today … and is being accompanied by, if I may say so myself, a rather charming agenda:

  1. Finish 2nd cuppa.
  2. Assemble work slides for next week’s presentation.
  3. Take a LONG warm shower.
  4. Achieve the ever romantic bed-head bohemian look (this is the look where you inform the world that you’re totally above giving a shit about superficial things like hair and makeup and clothes … when, in reality, your no bullshit-look took over an hour to piece together).
  5. Go for a drive with the windows down to assist with Number 4.
  6. Enjoy the northerly autumnal air as it waves through the living room by way of the front screen door.
  7. Envision sitting once again at my water front local, dining on prawns and laughing it up with only the finest of friends:

As of this writing – I just moved my coffee cup to the sink.

Happy Saturday.

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