Air and Glow

You are the person I have known all my life, yet we’ve just met. That was my waking thought: A definitive sentence about an undefined subject.

There is an alluring presence, like a foggy morning meadow, about this Friday …

Maybe it was last night’s sleep in a walking dream that has left me revitalised but with no memory of why.

Maybe it’s the morning’s soft yellowish light hinting to this world that it may once again rain.

Perhaps it was yesterday evening’s dinner, prepared to perfection by a master chef, who came out of his kitchen not once but twice to ask how I enjoyed his melting like butter sirloin with parsnips as it paired with my blushing Côtes de Provence Rosé.

I know not what makes this morning different from the other four days of this week. I do not rightly care to investigate it either. I am thoroughly enveloped in this moment, taking in its air and glow.

Happy Friday.

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