Waity Catie

I feel like I’ve spent the month of April waiting. Waiting for a call. Waiting for an email. Waiting for a deadline. Waiting for my next move.

Waiting. It’s decidedly unhealthy. It’s standing in one spot as people get on with it, waiting for an imaginary invite. It paralyses the body and wastes the brain’s time with useless scenarios. It makes me distracted and OCD with my phone and email when I should be reading or travelling down a previously unknown street.

It’s embarrassing how easy it is to rationalise not participating in the daily grind because of a hypothetical. Looking out from within, nothing happens when we wait. Worse is when an outside force isn’t even aware of the pressure bestowed upon them. So you stay whilst others move, and the stories that come from spontaneity passes you by.

I feel poorly about the way I carelessly spent the last few weeks of April’s time. My apologies to month four … I promise to be present in May. After a call at 1, I intend to purposely misplace my phone and lose the routine.

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