Sunday Morning Rain

I am outside on my covered front porch with a cup of coffee … it’s lightly raining … I’m wearing the ugliest flannel … cars are minimal on this Sunday morning … The Cranberries album Something Else is my background music.

Absolute bliss.

It took almost a full year before I could listen to that band. A phenomenal talent with a distinctive fierce melodic voice, Dolores Mary Eileen O’Riordan died a few days after me dear Dad last year – and I just couldn’t and didn’t want to process her departure … and the way she went … Something changed recently, perhaps time, and now I get to celebrate her again. It’s nice. I missed her sound. She mixes beautifully with the birds playing in the rain.

This is The Glory:

Two things:

  1. I picked the right horse for the Kentucky Derby yesterday. I even wore my Kentucky Derby 130 hat. My logic was solid. I went for the horse with my favourite number. Number 7. But it was a jockey’s race and for the first time in history, the winner was disqualified for crossing lanes. It was surreal. Never the way you want a win to go.
  2. I had a dream I was caught in aeroport security with Brody Stevens. Just the two of us. We were stuck waiting for customs to check our already opened bags. What’s weird about my dream is that I only learned about Brody Stevens after he died, and from podcasts. This is now the second dream the expressly starred him. The first is here. Strange how the imagination works.

Going to ride out the rest of the day as a spectator … and roll with however it organically plays out. Cross fingers there’s bacon and a Bloody Mary in the cards.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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